Hacking my power supply

A few days ago, I got up (as usually, very early) and prepared mate for breakfast. After that, I seated in my computer and started to hack. But after one hour I realized that the power supply wasn't charging the battery of my laptop. The first thing that I thought was, it's unplugged of the electricity network. But no, it was plugged in, then I thought that something was wrong with the wire, but neither. So I decided start to disassemble it. Let me tell you that the power supply of the computers are not built for be repaired them, they are sealed. You need to break the package (plastic coverage) for get into the power supply board. I used a common knife cutting on the line marked when it was assembled. After a half hour and a lot of patience I get my first touch with the power supply board.


After that, I plugged in my iron soldering and then disassembled the faraday jail that cover the board.


When I was young I earned money repairing electronic stuff. So using my experience in this field, my first try was measure all the input components, fuse, varactor, diode, transistor, resistors and all were fine except the fuse.

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So I tried with a fuse made in home (a very thin wire) and guess what. It worked, the power supply was working! But It started to make a weird noise, and when plug in it into the laptop the noise was worst. So I guessed that it could be the rectification capacitor, a lot of times when I repaired TVs, Monitors, Videos, etc in the past, this fails was very common. So I tried it with a big capacitor :), the first that I found.


When I plugged in the power supply with the capacitor changed, it worked like a charm :). I found another capacitor smaller than original and with similar characteristics. Then I tried again sucessfully :), now testing if the laptop is charging ok.


Finally I repacked everything and end of story.



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